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Founded in 2015
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465 rue Saint Jean, suite 702, Montreal - Quebec


If only the word “work” no longer existed! Let’s replace it with “fun!” Having fun from Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm, without checking the clock every hour to see how much time is left before fleeing the office.
Neos’ mission is to allow employers and job candidates to find each other through shared values. By providing support, channels of communication most frequently used by our generation (photos, videos, social media), and new technologies like virtual reality, we allow candidates to project themselves into their future workplaces before even applying and for employers to discover their company culture.


For businesses:

  • Employer Brand;
  • Recruitment, headhunting;
  • Production of HR content (visual, written).

For job seekers:

  • Resume editing, cover letters;
  • Digital identity (Linkedin profiles, photos, introduction videos);
  • Personalized coaching In Numbers

Average Age 29
3 Different nationalities

Join our team for...


Grow professionally in a startup with stimulating and diversified projects. “Routine” isn’t a part of our vocabulary.


Be a part of a large, bold project where every team member is invaluable. Team cohesion, the sharing of expertise, and knowledge are our strengths.


Always have fun! We don’t know what the word “work” means. We are passionate people who always go out of our comfort zone. We learn, evolve, and grow without limit!

Open Positions


En tant que spécialiste communication marketing et medias sociaux, tu auras pour rôle de faire grandir la communauté fidèle de candidats autour de, de faire connaitre la plateforme auprès d’autres recruteurs en développant la réputation de la marque sur le web.


A rewarding, fun and varied mission. Prospecting, pitching, negotiating and contract sales will also be part of your "daily life." Ah, not the daily life does not exist in our country! The word "Adventure" is much more appropriate because your role as a business developer is just paramount for neos!


As UI/UX Designer, you will have an essential responsibility in the radiation of neos. Your mission will be to make our platform the most beautiful, intuitive and ergonomic possible! Usability tests, prototypes and technical development will also be part of your "daily life".


You will have the mission to make known and to make sure that the users are constantly using the platform. You will be in charge of the following subjects: acquisition and conversion of the users on, automation of the marketing and sales processes to improve the conversion of visitors.


Be under the supervision of no one! In collaboration with the marketing director and videographers, the content writer’s mission is to generate blog articles and video reports for neos and its partners on themes connected to employment.